As for sleep I am taking reduction PM by CL, so hopefully that will help put me to sleep.


Reactions: sinewave3 and Rad83. User Reviews for Ephedrine / guaifenesin to treat Cold Symptoms.

And use baby aspirin instead of bigger doses.


Maximum strength non-drowsy decongestant temporarily relieves sinus pressure and congestion. 5 hours ago · The Uttarakhand Board of School Education (UBSE) has rolled out class 10th and 12th board exam results today, May 25 at 11 am. I exercised heavily on it (weights not cardio) and fortunately did not have a problem.

Each tablet contains 30 mg of pseudoephedrine HCl, a nasal decongestant for powerful symptom relief.

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76% sulfate ions.

Candidates who appeared for the TS EAMCET 2023 can also download the rank card from the website. Here are the winners and the losers in Budget 2023: READ MORE.

Reactions: sinewave3 and Rad83. First and foremost, Bronkaid is not a dietary supplement like what you would think of with a fat burner, thermogenic, or weight management product.

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Reactions: sinewave3 and Rad83.

Bringing gender into Budget 2023 overcame some of these inefficiencies.


Bronkaid has been proven safe and effective when used as directed. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale of ephedrine-containing dietary supplements due to concerns about their safety. Awards 4.

. Im an RN to btw, good to see other ones here! BTW, 25mg bronkaids suck imo. #5. More than 3 lakh students. The result will be published on the official website. .


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I got rejected 3 times before I was successful on a purchase lol.

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I just bought two boxes of 25mg bronkaid from cvs also.